Jim Lange Design Art Gallery
Logos, Illustration, Graphics, Fine Art.
I am a graphic designer creating art for brochures, books, products, events, magazines, you name it. My clients have included many large fortune 500 companies to smaller firms as well.
  I have a passion for working with type and will often create my own hand lettering to achieve a specific style.
  Illustrations are usually hand painted, whether they are for a magazine, mural, or event. For a cleaner, more modern look, I go the digital route.
  My fine art paintings, which generally are metaphorical in nature, include birds, landscapes, trees - things we find in our natural world. Some reside in private collections and are indicated as such. 
Paintings are for sale, and prints are available for some.

CONTACT  Jim Lange at Jim Lange Design 1919 Colfax St. Evanston IL 60201-2529 USA 
PHONE  847.475.5118 
EMAIL  jimlangedesign@sbcglobal.net
WEB  www.jimlangeartgallery.com